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Don’t judge a book by its cover…

You know when you’re under the shower and start receiving clarity? Today was one of them…

I always had the need to speak about a particular topic. I always held off on because I was thinking that people weren’t ready for the things I would hit them with. However, it doesn’t really matter, after all are we never fully prepared for what’s about to hit us. It’s been boiling within my soul to just get all of the things the Holy Spirit revealed to me out.

There’s too much kept away from the people of God. Everybody wants to hear about God’s blessings and what He will do for them, but quite a few can take the truth. We all hate to be lied to, yet we lie – the sad thing about this is that we lie to ourselves more often than it’s needed. We try hard to portray a picture of sanity, stability and wealth; whereas most of us are broken, in stable and disconnected from God. To make things look good we tend to search for people who are doing worse than us. We gossip, talk down upon them, judge them for what they do, but fail to accept them for who they are. We all love to have a form of godliness, but are denying the power within (2. Timothy 3:5).

I’m aware that I needed to finish my last post, unfortunately is this not the continuation of it – but it’s required that I leave you guys with this.

I’m not afraid to speak and unfold unspoken topics, specifically addressing topics – the people of God have been avoiding (unless I missed out on something).

When I took a look at this picture – I cannot deny – my first impression was shocking. It took me a little while to keep a straight face and to really contemplate on it. As I did this I allowed God to intervene and change my perspective. I think those thoughts are worth sharing and probably needed to be heard (read) too.

One cannot deny the fact that looking at this picture – he wouldn’t immediately judge or laugh or just shake his head. This is how we function – especially within this stereotypical system. It’s hard not do so at first even though one might try hard to not judge. I thought and thought and thought and I was just thinking too much, until I let go of my thoughts and God stepped in. To be honest it doesn’t need God or a rocket sign to come – for us to understand that we’re all broken and need help. It doesn’t matter if you wear a suite and tie every day or you work at the strip club every night – WE ALL NEED HELP!

I personally am tired of Christians judging everything and everybody thinking they know it all – NO OFFENSE – but truth be told – WE JUST CAN’T KNOW IT ALL!

Whether you’ve read the bible twice or twenty times – God is God and God will never allow you to FULLY understand Him. …No one can comprehend what goes on under the sun. Despite all his efforts to search it out, man cannot discover its meaning. Even if a wise man claims he knows, he cannot really comprehend it (Ecclesiastes 8:17- NIV)

Coming back to the picture, which I know is very provocative, I purposely chose to speak upon. Not to get people mad at me, even though anger could be something good, but to solely understand the different facets of God working in our lives. He works in mysterious ways and to put Him into the box – makes it impossible for Him to be who He is. A lot of us have put God in form of jukebox – picking and choosing – when He is allowed to work in our lives and when He is not. We press the play button when we’re angry with somebody and pray for God to take vengeance on them. We press the play button when we’re hurt, wishing for God to hurt those in the same ways they did us. We press the play button – when we see people not obeying Gods commands and turn into the judge. Who made you the judge? Who told you that it’s allowed to judge another persons action? Scripture tells us to judge accordingly – is it possible to judge accordingly when you don’t know the person you’re judging?

We get our minds so wrapped around celebrities, keep up with their lives (much more than to focus on our own) – thinking that it’s okay for us to play the judge once they mess up! Now don’t get me wrong I’m not lashing out on anybody – this post is purely led by the Holy Spirit – for us all to understand. I don’t exclude myself from any of this because I once found myself doing this.

It’s time to change that – It’s time to develop a Christ-like-mind. A mind that will allow us to view everybody as equal – we’re all in it and nobody is getting out of it until God says so. The problem that I have is that – many fail to understand the principles of salvation.  If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved. As Scripture says, “Anyone who believes in him will never be put to shame.” For there is no difference between Jew and Gentile—the same Lord is Lord of all and richly blesses all who call on him, 13 for, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” (Romans 10:9-13 – NIV).

Just to give you the facts, as you can see it’s also written there too, once we believe within our hearts and confess with our hearts – WE ARE SAVED! What does it mean? It means that what you believe and have confessed – has allowed God to write your name in to the Lambs Book of Life. You’re with Jesus; you’re guaranteed a place in Heaven. The only way for us to not enter into Heaven – is to never have accepted Christ or completely deny that Jesus is the Son of God – who died for our sins. Simple – that’s it!

Of course as you walk the journey there are going to be certain things that will change along the way. A certain lifestyle will not be available for you anymore – better said – it won’t feel the same anymore and you won’t enjoy it as you did before. The point here is not to judge, assume incorrectly here because we don’t know what these women are praying for. The only thing I can picture is that these women were praying for stability, health, income, and security and most likely to not have to come and do this again. You might have a few that love it – but I’m sure 90% of them don’t.

As you take a look at this picture, I want to challenge your thinking – I want to allow God to reveal himself in a different way to you. You know I had one tell me that there’s always a way out and if you don’t want to do something – you just don’t have to. I must say that this is easier said than done. It’s always easy to say that when you’re not the one in the position. Circumstances can get tough there are plenty of single mothers on welfare that are tired and need to feed their children. To do so many choose an easier way and go ahead stripping – that’s reality. Others might choose something else – everybody is different. I know that circumstances shouldn’t keep us where we don’t need to be, but many times – are we a hand away of getting out! Meaning: We all need a helping hand that will guide us out of our circumstance. Your perspective can change a lot, but how can you expect that from a person that cannot see their way out of their circumstance?

I believe that a lot of us – especially people within the church – are in a spiritual state of discomfort. You might not have to strip in order to provide, but you might be stripping in spirit trying to get that married Pastor. Many are stripping themselves off to be seen as the utmost worthiest person. Too many are confused, too many don’t know what to do and many more don’t know how to express themselves. It’s hurting people within the church and outside of the church. Everybody is focused on winning, many Christians are too focused on securing themselves a seat in heaven – that we all have forgotten the common good. God wishes for us all to be saved and not for us to save ourselves. We cannot work our way into heaven, but we can share our experience with one another and get heaven on earth.

As I pour my heart out – I pray that Christ may shine through us all and help us, help us all – to come together and to find comfort in Him. I’m a 100% sure that these women found an intimate moment with God – despite their actions. Yes, it doesn’t make it right to continue, but how about us (the people of God) go out more and be the helping hand that will show them the light to the open door of liberty…


God bless you 🙂 ❤

ps. I didn’t edit it properly, so don’t kill me for the grammar 🙂

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What’s up y’all? Been a while since I last wrote. I’ve tried to write a whole lot and post another blog entry, but nothing was truly flowing. Well this post is actually a sermon I was going to speak on with my bible study group. We all encounter situations where we have to come up with a decision. The decision we make can either turn out well or horrible for us. Each decision sharpen us and encourages us to either do better or stick to what was working. As we’re looking into this retrospect I hope that this will help you to understand – why it’s important in the first place. Let’s go..

…When Moses led the people of Israel out of Egypt to bring them to the Promised Land. It took the Israelites forty years before entering the Promised Land – a journey that was supposed to take only 11-days. God extended the Journey because of the people, whom Moses led, they were stiff-necked (definition: a proud or stubborn person:  one with a haughty bearing – Mariam Webster). 

Instead of trusting God knowing that Moses would not lead them wrong; they complained and went so far that they believed it would have been better for them back in Egypt as slaves – than wandering in the wilderness. 

Reading this I found myself hitting my forehead mentioning that they sound awkward. Truthfully when I observed it I found myself doing the same mistake. Instead of moving forward and be excited to get out of an stagnate comfortable situation, I’d complain and remembered how comfortable the old days were. I found it to be ironic because we don’t like change, we barely like to make spontaneous trips – we would rather stay within our comfort zone because it’s familiar to us. However, this will never allow us to receive things (blessings) that have been promised to us. There comes a time in your life where you just have to let go of the old – in order to get something new. Unless you let go of it – God will withhold your blessings. 

You reap what you sow; if you don’t sow you won’t grow. 

Change in growth is inescapable and I think unless we truly understand this – we’re always going to be in a losing battle against God. We desire for things to change, preferably within our comfort zone; unfortunately the way change will happen is always going to be uncomfortable and totally new to us – nevertheless, resisting it will only protract the process. 

As the forty years came to an end, God prepared the Israelites, before entering the Promised Land and commanded them what to do and what not. 

Preparation meets opportunity!

At times change isn’t so much what we are afraid of – its knowing that we aren’t prepared for what’s about to come.

How do you prepare for an unknown destination? You simply do what’s required of you now; believing that the outcome of it will meet the amount of work you’ve put into. Notice here what I said you’ve got to put in the required amount of work. There were two blind men who sought for Jesus to get healed. Jesus asked the two if they believe that he could heal them both said  said yes and got healed according to their FAITH (Matthew 9:27-29). Both were only to get to Jesus because they heard a crowd following Him, so out of their hearing they took heart and sought for Jesus. Both got what they wanted not because they only believed, but because they put their faith into action. Being uncertain sucks, if we were settled in every decision we made– ask yourself – would life be exciting? I doubt it. I hope that you didn’t missed what I was trying to portray here – both men didn’t wrote themselves up even though they couldn’t see Jesus.  The uncertainty of knowing where they’re heading allowed them to be hopeful believing that they’re heading towards the right direction. I believe that God, when it comes to our lives, wants us to be uncertain because uncertainty is supposed to fuel us, instead of scare us. Fuel us in a way that we prepare ourselves diligently in all things; whether it is for the coming of the Lord, for our dreams or just simple things. The more you prepare yourself – the closer you’ll get to your opportunities. You can’t be fearful, lazy or complaining while being on a journey to your destination. 


Through out all the commands God gave the Israelites there was one that struck out to me and I want to quickly speak on: 

Deuteronomy 11:26-28

See, I am setting before you today a blessing and a curse— the blessing if you obey the commands of the Lord your God that I am giving you today;the curse if you disobey the commands of the Lord your God and turn from the way that I command you today by following other gods, which you have not known.

Before I go deeper into it, let me explain this, a curse isn’t always tied into witches or evil spirits. We know that God tormented Saul with an evil spirit before (1. Samuel 16:14), but in this case it has nothing to do with any of it. 

Moses was simply speaking on the decisions we make concerning life. The outcome of your life is solely based on the decisions you choose to makeIf you decide what’s good for you – you’ll reap the positive benefits of it. However, if you decide for something that’s bad for you – you’ll have to deal with consequences that come along with the decision you made. The consequence you’ll have to deal with is what will turn into a curse for you. 


To be continued… 


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On the road to Damascus

„Saul Saul, why thou persecute me? Who art thou Lord? I am Jesus whom thou persecutes. It is hard to thee to kick against the pricks.“ (Acts 9:4-5 -KJV)

These were the words Saul (later Apostle Paul) heard while he was on his way to Damascus. Saul, the most Jewish out of the Jews, was permitted by the King to kill every person that preaches in the name of Jesus. Saul didn’t kill because he wanted to be a hitman; as a Jew he desired to do so because the doctrine preached by the disciples was seen as misconduct. It was not common to preach about a man who went on the cross, died, and rose from the dead to be the savior and equal to God (to some it still isn’t). The Jewish community doesn’t  play with the name God, which is a reason for Jesus’s death sentence. Religious people, in general, have a hard time understanding that – Jesus came not only for us to be saved, but also to get us to understand the God-concept of RELATIONSHIP! The Pharisees, Sadducees, Lawyers and Gentiles didn’t  know God. Even though many of them were educated and known in scriptures – it still wasn’t enough for God.

God cares more about your lifestyle than your educational background about His Word.

Why do I say this? Because it doesn’t mean anything to Him unless you live it! Let’s get back to Saul… On his way to Damascus, Saul got blinded by a light, out of the light Jesus spoke to him (look at the introduction). Due to this encounter, Saul has to be led to Damascus, where he didn’t eat in prayer for three days. It wasn’t until a disciple (named Ananias) sent by God met him and instructed him of what it was that God wanted him to do – before he received his eye-sight back (read the story in Acts 9:11-19). When I read this I saw similarities within myself… As one who wants to teach and help make the world better – change has to start with oneself. Unfortunately there’s no way around it lol..

Saul persecuted the disciples because he was hurting emotionally. Preaching the name of Jesus, in his eyes, wasn’t acceptable and went against his values. His values were his pride and joy, so for the disciples to come and create a national „disaster“ – was just unacceptable. His pride was hurt, so as a result of it, he was determined to make them pay for it…

Do you see yourself in Saul’s behavior? – I did see myself!

We all get into confrontations and uncivilized confrontation adds nothing but emotional pain. Pain, mostly, causes us to take improper actions. We are hurt, so we get resentful and even though we do not talk about it openly – we subliminal or (at times intentional) persecute the one/s that has hurt us. We start to look for ways on how to cause them the same pain we had. It’s human to do so, but this doesn’t make it right. Scripture tells us that „Anyone who hates a brother or sister is a murderer“ (1. John 3:15 – NIV)… („But Alfred, I’m not a murderer!“) That’s known to me and I never said it – scripture did.

Sounds tough I know, did for me too…

Let me be transparent for a minute… Within the past years I’ve had former friends, random people and who not appear in my dreams. I take my dreams very serious and I’m humble enough to say that I get to interpret most of them. However, it all did not make sense to me. It was annoying, disturbing and just tiring. I know, despite what happened, I’ve forgiven everybody and wish them well. Nevertheless, my question was still hovering in the air, why wasn’t I free? If I believe in Jesus and He has set me free…wasn’t I supposed to be freed indeed? I’m sure I’m not the only person to have ever asked myself this! And if you’re still struggling with this question, I’m glad you’ve bumped unto my blog today. I got the answer… Here’s the clue…

You cannot cure emotional pain with spirituality!

As a matter of fact, we could be deeply wrapped around our spiritual senses, but be completely blinded towards our emotional health.

Let that sink in for a minute and continue to read…

You have to get this… We as a people, especially church folks, cover our emotional instability under the rug, by believing in prayer that God will take care of it. Well… He did; but at times it requires a bit more than just praying. Saul prayed for three days, but his physical health as well as emotional health did not occur, until the act of forgiveness happened. A lot of us don’t speak about our emotional pain because it could be taken for granted or laughed at. Due to this, we have so many broken relationships and frustrated people seeking for God – receiving NOTHING! It’s unfortunate that this way of thinking has spoiled an entire generation. Don’t get me wrong I believe in prayer and know that prayer is powerful, but to receive complete healing we have to act. The act of speaking openly about your pain, struggles etc. will allow you to heal during the process. Transparency is the key 😉 !

God heard Saul’s cry, but it took for Ananias to obey Gods instruction so that Saul could receive forgiveness. It’s not that we don’t have enough faith or believe in God, the problem is that we fail to act on the things God tells us. We don’t want to be seen as vulnerable because it could be seen as weak. We don’t like to get uncomfortable because it doesn’t feel right (familiar). And most of all we hate it to be in an place of uncertainty…

Saul didnt‘ know if he would ever receive his eye-sight back. Ananias didn’t think it was good to get close to him. Nevertheless, God made sure that Saul would receive what he asked for. Imagine Ananias would have disobeyed God – do you believe Saul would have received emotional health? Understand that my reason for pointing out emotional health instead of spiritual or physical is because they’re all tied in together. You cannot be perfectly fine in spirit, but completely dysfunctional within your emotions. It’s a three-way-relationship: Your spirit, your emotions & your physical being.

It takes God to reveal himself to us in Spirit, but it takes action from us to receive emotional health. Emotional stability is just as important as the other two; if you are not stable within your emotions everything else cannot be stable. Imagine having an emotional unstable partner – how draining would it be to deal with that person? The person could be the smartest and sexiest ever, however, the emotional roller coaster you had to face would be terrible.. Now picture how draining it is for God to deal with your emotional instability…

Saul emotions were hurt, which is why he persecuted the disciples. He received his eye-sight back once he prayed and surely spoke to Ananias about it openly. I believe the conversation the two had once Saul was healed – was a conversation of restoration. What you need is found in the acting on what God has told you… Don’t feel ashamed to speak openly about your pain, vulnerability can turn into accessibility, which will lead to an even greater possibility of _________(you fill in the blank).

Thank you for reading 🙂 until then, be blessed.

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The life of π

When you’ve read the book or seen the movie you would know how intriguing the story is. Piscine (also known as Pi) is a young man who grows up in a wealthy household. His parents are owners of the biggest Zoo in India. Pi has got it all, due to circumstances the family decides to sell most of the animals and move to Canada. On the way to Canada the family enters a storm, Pi, the only one awake, tries his best to rescue everything; but ended up being tossed out of the ship into a small boat. The ship sank with everything and everyone on it.

Long story short Pi was on the very urge of losing his mind. He lost his family, animals, clothes, security – almost everything one could think of was gone. But through it all, he still managed to find the strength to concentrate on something more important.

His words were: “Above all, don’t lose HOPE!”


(Here you see Pi in the middle of no where, seeking for help in a hopeless situation)

Okay, let’s get to business! There are two people I want us to look at, these two had amazing experiences and are fairly often mentioned. The bible speaks about the two, as if of no other. I’m speaking about Peter and Judas – two powerful selected disciples of Jesus Christ. Well to some Judas might be powerless I believe that this man, despite of what he did, still had abilities and the same power all the other disciples had. What I’m about to say is going to be very complex, but I encourage you to read this more than once and let it soak into your mind. It might save your life or the life others around you.

Judas betrayed Jesus for thirty shackles of silver (Lukas 22:4) whereas Peter denied being a disciple of Jesus three times (Luke 22:34). Now you might think ‘what terrible friends Jesus had,’ but I’m sure we all have met people like this before! Anyone could sing a song about “fake friends”, yet the significant part here is not the “bad thing” they both did, but how each one of them coped with what they did. When you’ve read both stories before – you know that Judas killed himself and Peter became one of the many writers of the bible. When I read both stories over and over again I asked God – Why did Judas kill himself and Peter become so great? I know that Jesus mentioned that he would build his church upon the rock and use Peter for it (Matthew 16:18), but it still didn’t answer my question.

After a thoughtful conversation the answer was clear. HOPE; it was HOPE that kept Peter alive and it was HOPELESSNESS that killed Judas. Let me go a little deeper… Peter swore to do anything for Jesus he was convinced in his own power to be strong enough for death. Matthew 26:35KJV – “Peter said unto him, though I should die with thee, yet will I not deny thee.” Strong words, however, this never happened. At the time Peter had the chance to stay behind Jesus his boldness vanished and he cursed himself denying knowing Jesus at all.

I want you to stop right here for a second and to ask yourself this – Are you loyal to your own words?

Judas – from the beginning had a different picture of Jesus. Judas was one of those Jews that thought Jesus would come, take over Rome and build Himself a Kingdom on earth. This was one of the reasons why most Pharisees could not get along with Jesus’s philosophy. The picture they had about their Savior did not match with the things Jesus did. Judas was handling Jesus’s money, which would have given him a powerful position if Jesus would have over thrown Rome. Well, this did not happen, Judas went on and betrayed Him.

Remember when I mentioned that no one should believe that his life is destined for failure (Read my last blog entry if you haven’t – it’s good)? Here’s the perfect example for this, even though they both had to deal with the heaviness of guilt and the consequences that came with denying and betraying Jesus; Peter managed to find hope in a hopeless situation; Judas went away and hung himself (Matthew 27:5). How is it that one keeps and the other forsakes it? It’s simple – it’s a heart issue.

For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him… (2 Chronicles 16:9 – NIV). God is a living God and if you believe this fully within your heart anything that appears to be dead in your eyes has to come alive. Peter’s heart wasn’t turned against Jesus even though his words were different. Judas’s heart was completely turned against Jesus, which is why he didn’t stay alive. It is within our hearts where we find the courage to keep dreams, love, and power alive. Above everything else guard your heart, because from it flow the springs of life (Prov. 4:23 – ISV).

Peter could have drowned in self-pity, guilt and the loss of hope but he didn’t. In his heart he was determined to stay alive because he knew who Jesus was. Do you know your God? As tough it could get there is hope found in any hopeless situation. I want you to reconsider your situation/s and seek for the loophole. God isn’t overlooking you, as a matter of fact, He is always with you!

I’m not sure how this affects you, but when I read Pi’s words it sparked something significant within me. His words gave me hope again. Hope to care, hope to love, hope not to give up, hope to keep going… it gave me hope in so many aspects that I’ve decided to write about it.

You know there are times were we all find ourselves alone, floating in the air of uncertainty, without knowing what is going to happen next. Wrapping our mind around the problems life comes with is a reason we have a hard time seeing the bigger picture. How you view the things that drag you down add a lot to the solution. Do not allow your perspective to taint your heart! I’m sure Pi had a lot more questions in mind and I know you do. But just as Pi, I want you to look within your heart; You might find something that’ll spark your eye 😉

Thank you for reading 🙂 until then, be blessed.

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The spirit, the mind, the soul and the body.

What’s up everybody I want to thank you all for reading my first blog entry – the feedback was awesome! I hope this one here does it again. I’ve had a couple of topics in mind, but nothing good was flourishing out of it. After having an interesting conversation with a cousin of mine – the words needed – in order to write this blog came through.

I love having long “deep” conversations; the reason for putting deep in quotation is simply because I know we all have the state of mind, where we enlarge our thoughts and grab hold of profound topics we usually don’t speak about. They are deep in the sense of being aware that there’s a deeper realm to things life present us – than what our human eye can perceive. The highlight of our conversation came forward in this statement:

“Jesus didn’t come for religion. He came so that we might get to know God and become the people – God wishes for us to be!”

This statement got me all hype because I mentioned  this before and to hear a person confirm it gets me enticed! Thinking a lot can drive you crazy, at times I think that I’m going crazy – LOL. It’s hearing those comments that keeps me sane and shows me – okay I’m actually not that crazy! Anyways… I was speaking to her on how to speed up the process of understanding things in an upsetting situation. There’s actually no speedway for this, but here is my analysis…

Positioning means to put or arrange (someone or something) in a particular place or way (Google). Positioning yourself will allow you to change your perspective, having a full view of both sides of the story and to get to full understanding.

(Genesis 4:6-7 – KJV) “And the Lord said unto Cain, Why art though wroth? And why is they countenance fallen? If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? And if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door. And unto thee shall be his desire, and thou shalt rule over him.” Stay with me I’m going somewhere – when we get upset we leave our head hanging and our countenance falls. Our emotions get the best of us. We feel miserable, hurt or angry. Scripture tells us that Cain was upset that God didn’t accept his offer of sacrifice, but accepted and welcomed the sacrifice Abel made (read Gen 4:1-5).

We know that God is a just God and we know that God doesn’t make mistakes. He saw that Cain was angry, so Cain was given the opportunity to offer God something better. Cain missed the opportunity. The reason for it wasn’t Cain’s lack of intelligence – He failed to understand this because he was wrapped in his emotions. Here’s my point – when we’re in an upsetting stage, there are two things that we can do.

  1. Get in our feelings and make the whole situation worse.
  2. Or take charge over the situation and put us in the position to understand it.

How do you do that? Take charge over your soul! I know this sounds confusing, but I’m sure you know that we’re all souls in a body. The body we’ve been placed in is the only way our soul can survive here on earth. It’s like an astronaut on the moon – without the space suit – he cannot survive! Okay, when God created men he instructed us to have dominion over every living thing that moves upon the earth (Genesis 1:28 – KJV). Not only should we be owners of every living thing, but I also believe that we’re supposed to be in charge over our mind, soul and body. It’s important for us to do so. If you can control your mind, its thoughts and everything that floats in it – you won’t have a problem making the right choice. It starts with the mind; I always say that where your mind is your body will follow. However, none of us have been thought to take charge over our mind, soul and body. How then can one position himself right when he has never been taught the principles.

I’m glad you asked and I’ve thought about it plenty of times; here are 3 steps that I believe will help you to take charge over your mind, soul and body:

  1. Change your ways of thinking. Scripture tells us that “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he (Prov. 23:7 – KJV).” If you have negative thoughts you’ll see negative results over your life. This means that we have to train ourselves to think positive thoughts.
  2. Change your way of speech. Scripture tells us “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof (Prov. 18:21 – KJV).” This means that we have to be careful about the words that come out of us. If you noticed it mentioned “death and life” not “life and death” – meaning, it’s easier for us to speak badly than good over our lives and the lives of others. If you constantly say “I can’t”, “I’m not going to mount anything” or believe the despising words others are speaking over you. You’re more likely to end up as a failure. Now don’t get me wrong failure isn’t a bad thing, but nobody should believe that his life is destined to failure. Learn to speak good about yourself and others – what ever you say will follow you!
  3. Gather all the information and start making it a life style. It is vital for us to learn and to grow; the constant repetition of it will allow you to become it. Meaning, if you practice to be the best you can possibly be – due time you will become the best you can possibly be. It’s just that simple! Whatever you give yourself in – will eventually give itself back to you.

This sounds so simple yet what makes it hard for us, is the fact that we don’t like going through the process. But it is in the process, where you’re going to get equipped for it (insert your dream or biggest desire – whatever).

I was telling my cousin that we have to learn how to position our soul in a way that will allow us to shorten the times of pain. It is said time heals, but in some cases we choose for the healing to take much longer than it should. It seems as if we love to be miserable and sad…

Understand that God spoke love, healing, happiness, joy and all the other good things over your life. And those words are hovering in the atmosphere waiting for you to grab a hold of them. The bible tells us that everything good and perfect gift is from above (James 1:17 – NIV); in the midst of trials and temptations are solutions found above us and not face down looking on the ground. Picture this – you soul’s cast down because it’s been hurt. The very moment you’ve experienced pain; God spoke words of healing over the situation. The word He spoke is now hovering over your soul; and until your soul grabs hold of it – you will not recover nor understand why you’re experience this.

Understanding doesn’t just slip into our minds – it’s our soul that grabs hold of the words hovering, which then gives us light, understanding and healing.

Isaiah 55:11 tells us “So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing wherto I sent it.” The reason why we recover and understand things better afterwards is because throughout the course we produced an upright attitude. Our attitude allowed us to be in the right position to receive. As we progress we no longer let our emotions take a hold of us, which is the reason for the right reception. God cannot give you what you need when you’re wrapped around your emotions. Nine out of ten times are we our worse enemy and the one who is blocking our own blessings!!!

What I want you to know is that whatever you need is within you. It’s up to you to develop the skill set and to be the master over your mind, soul and body. Detach yourself from negativity (the cares of the world) and allow your soul to attach itself to the Spirit of God. Only there will you find the peace that surpasses all understanding. You then should walk boldly knowing that God got you and anything you cannot handle is because it’s out of your physical reach – you can be assured that God is in control. God has given you the choice, I pray that you may take heart and make the right choice. Cast your cares upon Him and it’ll be well with your soul 😉 !

Thank you for reading J until then – be blessed.


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Jesus > I

Where do I start, well let me introduce myself first. I’m Alfred Ntiamoah, 26 natively Ghanaian born and raised in Germany. I won’t try to persuade you to like me, but I can tell you that I’m excited to write my first blog. I’ve been writing for a couple of years, actually finished writing a book, but I have been very quiet about it. I told myself to be more vocal about my gifts, talents and understanding, which led me to this blog.

Enough of me, I hope I got your attention now let’s get to “business”. As a lover of Christ and scripture is sharing light and understanding God gave me important. It would be very unwise to sit upon a ply of wisdom and not to share it with you. A reason for sharing this with you comes from what I’ve been through. You’ll hear more about it as you follow my blogs. We all have our stories and each one of us experienced a lot, whether what we experienced was positive or negative – it molded us into the person we are now. Betrayal, hurt, anger, frustration as well as happiness, love and joy have remarkable impact on us. How we view it and allow it to affect us will determine how we feel. A great day can turn out to be the worst day ever. On the other hand, can words change a bad day into the best day we could possibly think of. Human beings are very interesting creatures 🙂.

You probably read the heading and are curious to know why it’s saying Jesus > I. I do not only write, but also work out a lot – played American Football, ran Tack & Field, Boxed and what not. But what I truly love to do is to teach the word, I taught Bible study in College for two years, still do, but I’m not a College student anymore. Anyways, as I was lying in bed I did some self-inventory and had to ask myself this:

“If I were able to reach a million people to seek Jesus and they completely forget about me, would I still do what I do now?”

It’s not that I’m seeking for status, I’m just determined to make an impact within this generation and to leave a legacy behind, which the next generation can build upon. However, this was a tough pill to swallow, most “Christians” well religious folk would say it’s easy to say “yes!” After all, is Jesus not the greatest man who walked on earth and if you say you’re a disciple – how could it be difficult for you not to say “yes”. Let me tell you, it’s easy to just speak for your ears to enjoy what you say than to speak truth. To tell you the truth I don’t want to just say “yes!” and not mean it, so I checked my heart in order to give the right answer.

Scripture tells us to let our yes be yes and no be no, for anything beyond this comes from the evil one (Matthew 5:37). If I say yes and don’t mean it, yet hold onto it with a hardened heart instated of keeping this command because I WANT TO… Who would have to deal with the consequences? Certainly not you, so please keep your judgments to yourself 🙂 !

Nevertheless the point that I’m trying to make is that – we have the tendency to get in the way of the plan God has for us. We’re selfish; it’s natural for us to seek for approval from society. It all started with Adam failing in the Garden of Eden. This is not a reason to feel condemned because this is where Jesus comes in For God so loved the world that He gave His only and begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16).” You can breathe again – LOL. I hope you know Jesus and have accepted Him, if not I encourage you to do so. You could easily speak to your local pastor or a friend who’s knowledgeable about the word and can give you an understanding.

It is important to know, many fail to understand this, God judges our actions based on its intention and who His Son was to us (Savior or just a teacher). He doesn’t just judge you because you „just did something“; scripture tells us “All of us have become like one who is unclean, and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags; we all shrivel up like a leaf, and like the wind our sins sweep us away. (Isaiah 64:4)” Meaning: Because unrighteousness is within us, there’s nothing we can do to work our way into heaven. You cannot buy God and get a ticket to heaven; grace is the reason we get to enjoy heaven. Grace also doesn’t give you the “go” to do whatever it is that you want, but there are people out there forced , based on the circumstance they’re in, to do things they do not wish to do. At times circumstances make us think that there’s no way out, especially if we don’t know Christ, but to know Christ means to know that He made a way – it’s just for us to take the leap of faith. Let me stop here shortly, even though one might know Christ, thoughts of seeing no way out will appear. FYI – we’re all still HUMAN! Coming back to my question, sorry to touch on so much – you’ll get used to it, I can NOW say YES! Yes, I’d still do what I do now, if I were to reach a million people to seek Jesus with them forgetting about me.

Why? Because… Life isn’t about being better than the next person or trying to beat my neighbor. Life is simple; life is about being the best version of yourself and most importantly – Life is about getting people into the Kingdom of God. You know people at times think I got it all together, but I have to disappoint you – I don’t. I can be just as miserable, broken and out-of-place than anybody else. As a matter of fact, this is how I came to Christ, miserable, hurt, angry and confused and I thank God that he accepted me the way I am, which gives me peace. I know that I don’t have to prove myself – I can just be me! We all are striving for greatness, we all are trying to be remembered and leave a mark behind – it’s good we need people like this – but don’t lose Jesus in the midst of it.

In the hood they would say: ”Don’t forget who put you on!”

Growing up, my mother would always tell me: “to remember your creator now” and I want you to do the same. Remember Jesus along the journey because He offered himself, as a sacrifice to you. As you’re on the journey to be or get successful don’t forget where it all started and who made it possible for you. If it wasn’t for Him I wouldn’t be able to tell you where we’d be, which is why I’m grateful to have Him and to share Him with you – for He is greater than I.

Thank you for reading 🙂 until then, be blessed.

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Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Alfred Ntiamoah and authenticitee with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.