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To eat them or to not eat them? Simple, just EAT them..

The notoriety about cutting out carbs from your diet amongst the fitness industry is vast spread. About 80% of my new clients, often women, believe to only lose weight through a low-carb diet. Well, I’m not here to d

ebate, whether a low-carb diet is the “only” way or not. Nevertheless, what I will do as I always tell my clients, is this –  if you want to lose weight then do it gradually than instantly.

I’m sure that there have been numerous of people that have lost weight through a low-carb diet. But, like I said I’m not here to debate and on the other hand, I’m not a fan of diets in general. I don’t want to take much of your time, therefore am I going to give you a few good reasons as to why you SHOULD eat your carbs.

  1. CARBS are FUN!

Indeed, carbs are truly fun, carbs are the main source of energy in our diet. And what’s more fun than receiving energy, right?! Our body can only store a limited version in quantities, which is why it is so eager to use carbs for energy. Carbs are digested into small pieces of glucose, which is a simple sugar form, through our small intestine’s walls. After digestion, glucose will fund itself in the liver, where it enters the circulatory system and  the glucose blood level rises.A

ny excess of glucose will be rejected by the liver and stored as fat. This serves as the reason we count (“or should count”) the amount of your daily carbohydrate intake.

The recommended amount and percent of carbs per day, lays by 45 – 65% of your total calorie intake divided by four.

On the other hand, a scarce in carbohydrates can be harmful to the body. Our body needs energy and when EAT YOUR CARBS! weiterlesen