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Basic principles on living a life after Christ

In God’s kingdom everything is structured and serves its purpose, there’s nothing occurring just because. God’s laws still exist today and there is no one able to achieve a goal without sticking to its required principles. In order to be successful, life will require some of your sacrifices. Note that this blog entry isn’t promoting monetary gain, but supposed to guide people in living a successful life after Christ. God is a God of principles and no one existing is exempt from them.

It is vital for us to follow each principle because behind every principle there lays a promise.

God grants us these promises not because we deserve it, but because He loves us, following His instructions also ties Him to keeping His word and lets it be fulfilled.

Short example: There’s no increase without a sacrifice… However you call it whether it be the laws of the World, the laws of nature or you simply admit that it’s God – without planting a seed one cannot grow a tree. Got it? Good!

The same principle applies to anybody who wants to live successfully within the Kingdom of God. I happened to study the second book of Timothy and bumped into the instructions given from Apostle Paul to Timothy, a young man who wholeheartedly followed to live after Christ.

Studying it I found five vital information, which I believe every Christ follower should know and apply unto his/her life.

I hope you’re ready to take notes:

1. Be under the authority of God
2. Timothy 2:1 “Thou therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.”

Timothy was about sixteen years of age when Apostle Paul first worked with him. It is said that he travelled for about fifteen years with Paul before the two departed and Timothy was sent to the church of Ephesus. What’s important here is to know that his first instruction given was to be “strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus”. Why would Paul tell him to be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus? Paul, who was then Saul, persecuted everybody who claimed to be a follower of Christ. He received permission to imprison everyone who just mentioned the name of Jesus. Until he encountered Jesus himself, the experience of forgiveness and receiving a second chance, which he didn’t deserve, was given to him by the grace that is found in Christ Jesus. I’ve written about it in one of my earlier entries called – On the road to Damascus – read it to get full understanding of this. 🙂

Grace means to obtain favor for something you shouldn’t. Paul, then Saul, should have gotten the same treatment from God – the way he treated every follower of Christ. However, because Jesus went on the cross for our sins – Saul didn’t get the same treatment; instead he obtained favor through Christ by God and got to live a successful life. So, Paul knew what grace meant and understood the importance of finding strength in it. Grace is given to us freely, this by accepting it and committing ourselves to God. Nevertheless, we’re human beings, even though we accept this free gift – we have the tendency to take the simple things in life for granted.

God didn’t bless us with grace to take things for granted, but to be thankful for everything we have because we actually don’t deserve it.

2. Study the field
2. Timothy 2:15 “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

Before you can tell anybody about anything, be sure to know everything about the very thing you’re trying to accomplish.

Timothy had to be about mid-age (approx. in his thirties) when given these instructions by Paul. Him being in his thirties he was still considered to be young, which is why Paul instructed him dearly to study to show himself approved to God and not to man.
There are a lot of people, when first coming to Christ, that want to let the entire world know about what has happened to them. This is good, we need people that are willing to go out and share the gospel. I remember when I first gave my life unto Christ. I was so enticed that I was ready to go out and tell the entire word about my good friend Jesus.

However, not everyone was keen to hear about it, as naive I was – I started condemning everything and everybody that didn’t live according to the way of the gospel. As if I knew what God would require from us all – please don’t do the same mistake lol – I still have to shake my head when I think about it. (John 7:25) „Judge not according to appearance but judge righteous judgements.“

Knowledge is power and God will never expose you publicly, if you haven’t mastered your craft privately. Be a student – read, learn and listen as much as you can, so that when the time comes you’ll be able to teach and reach others.

3. Endure hardness
2. Timothy 2:3 “Therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ”

I think everybody is aware in knowing that nothing good will get to you without a struggle. Experiencing hardships is not a good feeling, but it’s a part of the journey. I caught myself in times of adversary judging the entire situation wrong. Sometimes I’m just ready to quit, but I’ve learned that quitting isn’t an option because rushing through the process will not help me. There are several characteristics we will need to develop, in order to get to our desired place. Unfortunately are these characteristics developed at a place of discomfort, not to just get the best out of you, but more importantly – to get you to a state of absolute dependency on God.

The walk with Christ is, at times an isolated one, however, even though you feel alone, you have to know that you’re never lonely.

REMEMBER: Faith is a mindset not a feeling.

4. Distractions
2 Timothy 2:22: “ Flee from youthful lust, but follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace, with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart.“

A clear vision will allow you to stay focused, however, along the journey you will face devious distractions.
Whatever your struggle is, it is between you and God, you don’t have to publicize it. It is easier to be transparent about it, but this also only with someone you fully trust and is able to give you Godly counsel.

What I want to highlight in this verse, is the importance of having the right people around you. It is one thing to be with people who tolerate you, but it is another thing to be with people who accept, encourage and love you. People that tolerate you, don’t necessarily accept you, they’re mostly just around you for what you own or can do or for them. People that accept, love encourage you are around you for who you are as a person and don’t really care about the things you could do for them – KNOW THE DIFFERENCE.

To live successfully it is important for you to distinguish between good and right. Good will only last for a while, whereas right will last you for a lifetime. I remember watching an interview between Myles Munroe and Benny Hinn, as Myles spoke he mentioned something that stuck with me. He was explaining how every exit we choose to take on the highway is good, however, there can only be one exist that leads us to our destination. This one exist that leads us to our destination is the right exit. See it is good to have good people around you, but having the right team around you will help you to get to your destination.

Side note: Elevation requires separation! I just saw a friend of mine posting this I understood this a year a go. I almost forgot about it and was thankful to see this again. I also want to remind you that, if you find yourself losing people for various reasons (trying to live a life after Christ) – I know it’s painful. But as you’re going through it, remember that God has to clear out the clutter that is found in your life to get you to your final destination.

5. Humbleness
2. Timothy 2:24 “And the servant of the Lord must not strive; but be gentle unto all men, apt to teach, patient, in meekness..”

Through it all remain humble, let me say it again, through it all REMAIN HUMBLE! You didn’t invent the wheel; there were people that did it before, there were people already that received the same revelations as you do now. There are also people living under the exact same vision for their lives, just as you do for your life. There’s nothing new under the sun, so I plead with you to remain humble at all times.

Timothy has been instructed to not strive (meaning, in this case, competing with others), but to be gentle unto all. Not everybody is going to have your point of view and not everybody is going to support you. You have to understand that there are going to be people that will disagree, as well as agree with you. Don’t take disagreement or criticism to heart, but learn to develop a character that will allow you to balance the bad and the good. Not everything I do is necessarily good for others, which is fine because criticism is teaching me to improve myself and to always know that I am not perfect.

Knowing this should help you to always look on the cross and to be thankful for everything you’ve got. It’s by grace that I get to continually encourage you with writings. It is by grace that you are talented in the very thing that it is you’re doing. It is also by grace that we’ve obtained the blood sacrifice of Jesus, which saved our lives. So always remember that anything you own and do is only given to you by the grace that is found in Christ Jesus.

Thank you for reading 🙂 until then, be blessed.

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